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MDriven Designer Overview part 4

Setting the presentation properties in the View Model, introducing Modal View Model action. View Model Editor: Nested ViewModel to set the immediate properties Presentation properties: Placing hints Visible expressions • Singlelinks with setter • Column for picklist • Column in … Continue reading

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MDriven Designer Overview part 2

Additional diagram Nullable types State Machine Guards and triggers OCL Editor Methods on the class System prototyper New OCL Debugger Introduction Using “memory”, M1, M2, M3 XML persistence SQL persistence MDriven server View Model Editor “ModelView” and “ViewModel” patterns

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MDriven designer overview Part 1

MDriven designer installation Interface Overview : Setting New Diagram Add a category Add a class Processes StateMachine diagram TagExtensions Attributes Association FeaturePickForm Setting the colour What to show on the diagram? Delete/Hide from view Filtering the repository tree Reintroduce/Introduce associations … Continue reading

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OCL by example

Three videos to de-mystify OCL. A simple model and some expressions working on it for different purposes. The videos make use of the new OCL editor that has been updated to support code-completion better. It also show case the OCL-debugger … Continue reading

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QR-Code to drive a workflow in any MDriven turnkey app

QR-Codes can hold urls and as such they are a great binder between the outside world and your information system. Imagine a standard QR-code-reading-app on anyone’s phone being the entry point deep into your information – showing the user current … Continue reading

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Unity3D and MDriven

Unity3D use Mono – and Mono builds do not really follow the usual .net versioning with 2.0,3.5 etc… There is a special .net Framework edition you must use. You get this by installing the Visual Studio 2015 Tools for Unity. … Continue reading

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