Software Assurance

The CapableObjects Software Assurance is a maintenance program aimed at all users running our products. Building great products requires a close relationship between developers and users, and our Software Assurance program formalizes this relationship. Part of the cost that would otherwise have been added to the product is with the Software Assurance optionally spread out over the year.

Professional frameworks that covers as much as MDriven Framework will require attention, maintenance, discussion and training. The CapableObjects Software Assurance aims to provide these functions for us and you so that we can all focus on our respective core businesses.

Buying a framework like MDriven Framework should be more than just buying any product of the shelf, you buy into to a community that dares to look into the future of software development, joining the CapableObjects Software Assurance program ensures that we will take an active part in your future.

What does it include?

Having the CapableObjects Software Assurance, you will get full attention from the CapableObjets developers when your project is halted from issues with MDriven Framework. You will be invited to beta programs and field tests. Participating in the beta programs is the best way to influence and contribute to the future of software development as the Domain Driven Development tools and practices emerge. Control of versions; you will not be restricted to use the current download, and you will be given access to pre-releases that may solve issues that your project is suffering from right now. The CapableObjects Software Assurance puts you in control and gives you access to people that wants nothing less than your total success when pursuing Domain Driven Design challenges.

Subscribing to the Software Assurance from CapableObjects is in our mind a requirement to ensure a glitch free, Domain Driven Design success story.

What will you miss without it?

If you license MDriven Framework but choose without Software Assurance, we will still listen to you and we will still address issues that you bring to our attention. We will still go out of our way to make you succeed, but we will attend to clients with a Software Assurance agreement first. Without a Software Assurance agreement you will need to buy upgrades to get access to new major versions as they are released (you will still get access to service releases).

What does it cost?

The CapableObjects Software Assurance is attractively priced so that all clients can subscribe to it. Our ideal situation is that every single one of our clients runs the optimal version of MDriven Framework for their current needs, and this can only be the case if we are able to provide you with any available release that we currently support.

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