At CapableObjects, we want our customers to be successful in using our products. An important part of this getting help when you need it, and to be able to share you experience on the use of ECO with others. There are several options available.

Email support

The address to our email support is We answer all support requests as soon as possible, giving priority to requests from customers with Software Assurance.


Our forums are often the best place to find hints and tips on the use of ECO in various situations, since our users have a far more varied experience of the use (and misuse) of ECO in various situations that the CapableObjects staff. If you have made a mistake, there is also a good chance that someone else has made it, and recognizes the symptoms.

Most discussions are public and you are free to sign up and post your questions or answers. The forum content is determined by the community using ECO, so the views and statements within are not necessarily shared by CapableObjects.

The CapableObjects staff frequent the forums, but we do not monitor them to 100%. We will however harvest interesting content from time to time, and add it to our knowledgebase.

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