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7 Responses to Online Order

  1. Miguel Henley says:

    Does ECO for Visual Studio includes full source code?

    Kind Regards,

    • Admin says:

      The developer license include code for many of the runtime parts of ECO and for all the Persistence Mappers. It does not include the design time code. You can license the complete source code of ECO and the design time tools (including Modlr) by signing up for the Source code license option described here

  2. Jörg Gullus says:

    How much does an update from Eco 4 to Eco 6 for Visual Studio?

  3. Damian Shaw says:

    Hello! I am a Delphi .net user of ECO and am researching the migration to modern (microsoft) .net. I will need to migrate my ECO code base. What do I need to do? What license will I need?

    Thank you!


  4. Damian Shaw says:

    Ok – I’ll look into a license. My current ECO project has become ‘brittle’. Whenever I make a modelling change and regenerate code there are several older classes that are generated with invalid code-structure / characters and the code then won’t compile. To work around this I overwrite the generated code with an old copy of that classes’ code. It gets tricky – especially when I need to create a change that impacts that class. Do you think moving up to the new tool will solve this?

    Also – what version of MS Dev Studio is supported or preferred?



    • Admin says:

      VS2015 and VS2013 are the current supported VS versions.
      MDriven today is stable, established and easy to use for c#. You must be in an environment where you are allowed constant model updates and where codegen and database evolve never fails and takes very little time – or else you simply waste your brain power.

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