MDriven Turnkey – develop internet applications

MDriven Turnkey is a new way to develop internet applications.

MDriven Turnkey is based on proven technologies like JQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, MDriven Framework, Azure and SQLServer.

Below you will find several short tutorial videos – following these thru will give you insights in how you will be able to build and maintain detailed business support systems using few man hours and get high quality results.

Besides from the tutorials you may also be interested in the Movie Theatre Ticket sample that is constructed in these two videos:  Part1 and Part2. Here you will see the complete creation of an Angular Web application from start to finish. Including database creation and persistence handling – navigation between angularJS pages – solving common business problems like server side reservations – use of html5, CSS and angular on your terms when you want to replace the automatically generated UI.


Licensing model

You subscribe to an MDriven Turnkey site that holds your application. Your application is truly yours and there are no per user fees or restriction. However need for additional performance may trigger extra costs. You can at any time retrieve all your data and end your subscription. There is no lock in. We pledge to make you able to keep operations going with MDriven Turnkey no matter what as stated here.


You design the information, actions, rules and views your application has with MDriven Designer.

You do not need any prior programming experience to build advanced domain specific information handling applications with MDriven Turnkey.

At CapableObjects we know that development and evolution of domain specific information never stops – it is an ongoing process as all domains evolve. MDriven Turnkey will merge updates of your model – your documented ideas and thoughts – into production with the click of a button. This will give you a continuous-integration experience like never before.

Why you really should give it a spin

If you are an information architect targeting a specific domain you will appreciate that MDriven Turnkey will do as you say and produce a responsive html-5 fully ajax implemented web based application with social login in just minutes and that MDriven Turnkey will help you to refine it iteration by iteration even if they are only minutes apart. This will allow you to test and verify ideas and produce robust systems for your existing domain or take on system development for new domains.

With MDriven Turnkey you can easily switch to more technical development with Visual Studio and MDriven Framework – but our aim is that you will not have to. In visual Studio you will be amazed how your complete model and your viewmodels are available as strongly typed c# code. The MDriven Framework has multiple patterns implemented to help with implementation of secure, scalable, enterprise wide, complex applications for any conceivable domain.

Tutorial videos

MDriven Turnkey – Session 1 – short intro on what to expect

MDriven Turnkey – Session 2 – further info on types, comboxes, images

MDriven Turnkey – Session 3 – In this session I talk about opting out actions so that only the relevant actions are available for the user. I also show how to place the global actions in sub menus to build a complete menu bar.

Further more class Constraints are explained and we look on how they can be used to make user aware of rules that they should obey. The concept of DefaultStringRepresentation of objects is also shown.

In Session4 I show a ViewModel validation that is another kind of rule that is designed per ViewModel. I also show how a Turnkey application behaves when looked upon from multiple sources simultaneously – hence the importance of having your users to log in. Then the concept of modal dialogs is shown in order to pick a Car for the rental contract in the model.

In Session 5 I show how to access the Logged in User and also how to use AccessGroups to control who and when a user can access your actions.

Session 6 – here we set up Social login with Google, Facebook and Microsoft. After following the instructions here your app will offer your users to sign in with their existing social accounts.

Session 7 – In this session we take a deeper look at OCL expressions and what you can do with them. OCL is a complete language that can act on everything that you have in your model, it has operators on objects and on collections. The ocl language is a functional language –different in approach compared to imperative languages like javascript and c#. The ocl language is optimized for querying your model. It uses a bit of set theory from your math classes. It is compact in the sense that it does a lot with short snippets. OCL is defined by ObjectManagementGroup OMG

Session 8 – Here we take a look on how to define and set css styles in your application. I show that you can have expressions that change the used style based on data in your model.

In Session 9 I show how to replace the auto generated UI with html of your own. I show how to include a google map and how to pick up the location of the device using your application. This session refers to this article that you may want to read and copy from when starting to produce your own MDriven Turnkey UI’s.

In Session 10 we do reports! Really fast! So that you can go out and play more – as I do – I did the Stockholm marathon on 3.55 yesterday – right on my goal time. Thanks to good development tools that let me use my head more than my fingers. Go MDriven! Remember to like and subscribe if you want to see more of what MDriven Turnkey can do!

We did some enhancements to ViewOverride to make it even more fun and easy to go wild with your data! Watch session 11 of MDriven Turnkey!

Remember to like if you like it!

Session 12 – Autumn 2015 – local environment with Visual Studio

Session 13 – completely replace the html with whatever you need – bind with angular to data in your view model


Showing drag drop actions in WPF client, Universal Windows client and in AngularJS client

22 Responses to MDriven Turnkey – develop internet applications

  1. guest00 says:

    Hi CO!

    Where I can read about prices?

    Thank you,

  2. guest00 says:

    CO, please ignore my question. I thought that turnkey is SaaS

  3. Admin says:

    Turnkey is Saas – prices will be available within short.
    The technology that runs Turnkey will also be available for licensing if you need to run it in your environment. In this case it will be an add on for MDriven Framework .

  4. frank says:

    Is possible to download the source code that you are using in the video?, if is possible where I can get it to play with Eco.


  5. Admin says:

    MDriven Turnkey is Saas.
    You can evaluate it for 30 days using a key

    Request key from support

  6. frank says:

    Hi I would like to have a key for evaluation, what I have to do?


  7. Admin says:

    Email with key was sent to the email you used here. Have fun!

  8. frank says:

    Hi I would like to know, if i want to change the ui, the html it is possible?


  9. Admin says:

    Yes it is, we will show this within short.
    Things are not 100% done when it comes to this, but it will be possible to supply your own cshtml files for MVC and also your own html files with angularJS bindings.
    I hope you can wait a little bit – maybe we have it done next week.

  10. Peter Buchmann says:

    I sat back this evening and watched some of your turnkey videos again.

    What a nice and elegant way to develop software. This is really great!!
    By the time, you’ve really managed to develop a tool, that is capable to define a basic web application in a object oriented way and without any additional code.

    For me, there are still some questions open like:
    * How would I execute methods that are not part of the model like e.g. sending a mail?
    * Will Visual Studio play a role in one of your next videos and will I be able to upload a dll with other business code?
    * Is turnkey only saas or will there be a packaged product for in house installation and usage?
    * And some more questions like these.

    But I’m also wondering what a standard developer without ECO/MDriven know how would think, when he watches those videos? It must be somehow as if you would be sat into star ship enterprise and be confronted with a technology that works like magic. They would not be able to worship this tool, because it’s so far beyond what they do in their daily work. It must feel like being used to cut with a stone knife from stone age and then someone hands you a laser scalpel.

    I want to say that more than 90% of all developers will not understand what you are doing there at all. There must be a way to convince at least some of them of the advantages of this way of development.

    • Admin says:

      Thank you for comments!
      I will show how to send emails, how produce reports with opendocument, how to add c# code for method implementations, how to run inhouse etc.

      It is a very big challenge to get developers to even consider using a framework like MDriven, and it will be hard to get them to consider Turnkey.

      I do however believe that there are new generations of business developers that need to structure and produce information in a more effecient way than tradional coding.

      It is not in our mission to try to convince anyone of anything – this is our new policy anyway.
      We will just present what is possible and then leave it up to common sense of courageus individuals that dare to think that there are other ways than the old ways.

  11. guest00 says:

    Hi Hans,
    Trying to connect Turnkey on localhost to MDrivenServer on localhost.
    – What address should I put in to the MDrivenServerOverride section of MDrivenServerOverride.xml for the local MDriven server?
    For such kind of addresses https://localhost:44301 I got “System.ServiceModel.FaultException: An error occurred when verifying security for the message.”
    Thank you!
    P.S. PC with websites is virtual Win7, without any access to the Internet, VS2013

  12. Admin says:

    You need to point out the address to MDrivenServer – the default for turnkey is the address to the turnkeysite+ /__MDrivenServer.
    If you get the admin MDrivenServer UI to show up at this address https://localhost:44301 it is probably correct – but you also need access. Add a user “a” to MDrivenServer – the password given should be in a attribute like this thesite

  13. guest00 says:

    I made clean installation of MDriven – user “a” already exists – I deleted it and created again with a ‘password’. Then I open TurnkeySettings.xml and put user “a” as MDrivenServerUser and ‘password’ as MDrivenServerPWD.
    MDrivenServerOverride in MDrivenServerOverride.xml points to the suggested url https://localhost:44301/__MDrivenServer.
    Now Turnkey https://localhost:44302 shows empty page.
    WECPOF ASP.NET Generic app on MDriven server works fine.
    Midnight here… need to switch off my mind 🙂

  14. Admin says:

    Your MDriven server is at https://localhost:44301 – so the the MDrivenServerOverride.xml should say https://localhost:44301.

    The reason for Turnkey not working might be that the MDrivenServer may need evolve.
    Go to AdminArea/Info, errors and MDrivenServer evolve/ press “Evolve Admin Database”

  15. guest00 says:

    Made everything as suggested – Admin DB evolved, etc.
    Quite strange:
    MDrivenServer log shows no errors, only POSTs to AppCompleteGenericPMPWCF.svc and GETs from PingKeepAlive.aspx with HTTP status 200. I am able to open wsdl from the browser.
    Turnkey log shows “GET / – 44302” with HTTP status 200. But the web page itself is empty.
    Both websites are on localhost. Seems that one site is not able to communicate with another one.
    Let you know results.

  16. guest00 says:

    interim conclusion:
    something wrong with Turnkey local website settings.
    What I did – I created the new website in VS with the service reference to the MDriven AppCompleteGenericPMPWCF.svc on the local website. To check the connectivity between websites I use simple webform aspx and I asked CurrentSyncVersion() to return Guid. Works perfect as expected.
    Little bit difficult to trace Turnkey. Trace (I switched it on) shows 200 ok but nothing happened – empty webpage.
    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

  17. Admin says:

    What about the model turnkey is set to work with then? Has it been given a model?

  18. Admin says:

    Check that MDrivenServer slot A0 has a model, That Slot A0 is started, That MDrivenServer AutoForms works, that the Model contains the index default views etc – easiest to copy an existing Turnkey-model

  19. guest00 says:

    Yes, everything is working from MDrivenServer – Designer can upload/download/run the Model. MDriven Server is a accessible. Slot A0 is started and in use. AutoForms works, JsonGetWithAjax works.
    Model contains the index default views…easiest to copy an existing Turnkey-model… hmm. Need to check.
    Thank you for your advises!

  20. guest00 says:

    Everything works ok – I used url https://localhost:44302 and got blank page.
    The correct url is https://localhost:44302/MDriven/AngularApp
    Simple solution 🙂
    Anyway, good experience and useful exercise to refresh my KB.
    Thank you!

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