MDriven – the book

Writing a book is a daunting task. It bear resemblance with the process of producing a software system. You need get started and you need to keep going. Describing the MDriven strategies and the ideas associated with Model driven development with the MDriven technology is also hard due to the fact that the ideas shape, become clearer and evolve over time.

Looking back at my progress I have come to the conclusion that I need to abandon the traditional waterfall strategy of book producing and delivery and instead adopt the agile software strategies with frequent releases of improved current state.

This of course does not come without risks; can we trust the contents if it is not finished/done/published. But it comes with even greater rewards; test and debug the book – so that it becomes solid and correct over time.

Hopefully some of you may give me pointers in what direction to deepen the descriptions of concepts.

So will this book project ever finish? Who knows – and really as long as the result can be consumed in its current state – who cares?

It is like MDriven itself – will it ever finish? I hope not because that would be the end of progress. But still – MDriven has matured and the body of the framework and strategies are clear to me and will not likely ever change. The book will be used to convey the stable core.

I welcome feedback. You can provide it via email, comments to this page, discussion in the forum or some other way.

English is not my first language – if it is yours you will be able to help me out with grammar – please send this feedback to

Part 1: Intro

Part 2: Information Design

Part 3: ViewModels

Part 4: Actions

Part 5: Reports using OpenDocument

Part 6: Prototyping – executing your models

Part 7: MDriven Server

Part 8: Object constraint language – OCL – a deeper look

Part 9: Multivariable DB Seeker

Part 10: MDriven Turnkey

Part x: Turnkey – with Universal Windows and WPF

Part 14: Information Security



Part x: Build MDriven solutions with Visual Studio

Part x: MVC in Visual Studio

Part x: WPF in Visual Studio

Part x: Information security

Part x: Strategies for making things happen in your domain,How to think about software

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