MDriven Framework (replaces old product name ECO).

ECO was the name of the Borland Developer Studio compatible model driven framework that CodeGear produced 2006-

A similair product aimed for Visual Studio was later constructed by CapableObjects. This similair product was also named Eco based on an agreement between Borland and CapableObjects.

The agreement with Borland was moved to Embarcadero when they took over CodeGear – Borlands software tools department.

The agreement is since 2013 no longer active.

CapableObjects has developed the ModelDriven tools much further since the 2006 versions of ECO for BDS.

MDriven Framework is now a Visual Studio 2013 plugin with no ties to the ECO for BDS.

ECO for BDS was discontinued when the .net abilities of BDS was dropped.


4 Responses to LicenseMDriven

  1. Andrew Bell says:

    I have an Eco 6 License and I would like to upgrade to Eco 7.
    I assume that this is compatible with Eco 6 code and will work with VS2013

    • Admin says:

      Yes – Eco6 code and model is pin-compatible with MDriven Framework in its current version. MDriven Framework runs in VS2013.

  2. Elias says:


    I have an ECO 4 C# website and i would like to update to ECO7

    is it compatible? I m still using .net 3.5, i can not upgrade that


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