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    Hi William – we are moving all forum questions to stackoverflow – tag questions with MDriven!

    To your question: This is how the automated evolve of MDrivenServer does it:
    ` IDBEvolutor evolutor = pmapp.GetEvolutor(rmes);

    string[] scripttolog = evolutor.GenerateDbScript();
    string[] mappingtolog = evolutor.GenerateMappingScript();
    string[] warningstolog = evolutor.GenerateWarnings();
    string[] errorstolog = evolutor.GenerateErrors();
    if (errorstolog.Length > 0)
    AddServerDBLog(zv, “Errors”, errorstolog);
    if (warningstolog.Length > 0)
    AddServerDBLog(zv, “Warnings”, warningstolog);
    if (scripttolog.Length > 0)
    AddServerDBLog(zv, “Script”, scripttolog);
    // Just annoying AddServerDBLog(zv, “MappingScript”, mappingtolog);

    string[] ExecutedStatements = evolutor.GenerateExecutedStatements();

    AddServerDBLog(zv, “ExecutedStatements”, ExecutedStatements);
    zv.ServerDBCreateAndEvolveLog += “Evolve success”;

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    The new debugger solves this by allowing you to view data with ViewModels – and ViewModels are do really smart fetching…

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    When you create EcoSpaceStrategyHandler you need to say SessionStateMode.Never
    Did you do that?
    What it controls is when to destroy the ES

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    Thanks for the feedback! Normally we get automatic text – I am not sure why that has not worked on this video. I have enable user added translations and will also add a todo to Alex to do a manual transcribe.

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    Hi – No we have no samples on ASP.NET.Core yet.
    It usually requires us to have a paying project asking for functionality in order to be able to prioritize new stuff – otherwise everyone is busy on other things.

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    Is this a correct description of the error do you think:

    When the sent in values to act on must be treated as a list – and you do this twice in one expression – generating sql that is dependent on number of items in the list – then you we get this error?


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    I take it the thing that was the problem was this construction:
    self.Something->select(stuff)->union( self.Something->select(otherstuff))

    And if that was so – I would guess that the error comes from the double use of self.Something. Correct do you think?

    And that when you got it working you did something like this instead:

    vTheSomething->select(stuff)->union( vTheSomething->select(otherstuff))


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    Hi Peter – sorry no – It would require a change of the ocl-parser to handle this call strategy and I do not think the cost benefit add up.


    All the ReadOnly, Visible StyleRef expressions have the viewmodel root object as self.
    To evaluate the expression for a nesting you should use the vCurrent_ variable for that nesting instead of self.
    In your case try vCurrent_SelectClientInvoice.trigger_IssueInvoice?

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    Hi – I have not tried this myself but it seems pretty straight forward.

    This is how they suggest binding a grid – and the customers is found in the model for the view.

                       Title="All Customers"

    In MDrivenTurnkey you can write /Turnkey/Development?view=NameOfViewMode>

    and in that page you find “This is how we suggest you do MVC bindings to the properties in

    and here you can see that you could replace “{customers}” with “{Model.GetvCurrentListMember(“NameOfViewOrNesting”,”NameOfViewModelColumnWithRows”)}”

    To override the standard Turnkey UI you just follow the instructions found here:

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    It tries set times, during maximum set time. So if the time is reached before total tries it gives up


    For now you will need to reference and include the the System.Data.SqlServerCe assembly in your SqlServer using app.

    But I will check in an update to remove this need today.
    I found that JIT-compile of method SetSqlDbTypeOnParam failed when it referenced the ce-param type and the ce assembly was not loaded. Just moving the check to a separate method only called if the normal non-ce param check fails solved the issue.

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    Go to the GAC and see:

    Remove all Eco.Persistence.MySql versions but the one you want.
    (you may need to close VS to remove file lock)

    After this there is only 1 Eco.Persistence.MySql for VS to find.
    (at this point I am not able to answer why Eco.Persistence.MySql behaves this way – I suspect it is that we upgraded the MySql.Data.dll – and that Eco.Persistence.MySql.Design uses the new one – VS finds an old Eco.Persistence.MySql i the GAC and thinks its fine – but Eco.Persistence.MySql.Design cannot talk to it)

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    Most likely is it that the one you find in the toolbox is not pointing to correct version. Try adding C:\Program Files (x86)\CapableObjects\MDriven\7.0\bin\Eco.Persistence.MySql.dll to the toolbox manually

    Also search for different old versions on this and remove

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    Yes I see your point. I will put it on the list.

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