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    if anybody worked with sqlPassThrough and OCLPSService?
    I can’t figure out how to specify a string constant in SQL expression.

    E.g. this brings runtime error “Syntax Fehler”:

    var expr = “Teilauswertung.sqlpassthrough(‘Select ECO_ID From TEILAUSWERTUNG Where Bezeichnung = /’onlinedatenpunkte/’)’, String)”;
    EcoSpace.GetEcoService<IOclPsService>().GetValue(null, null, expr, 0, 0);

    The same expression can be executed without problems in OCLPS editor


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    You must use the backslash to escape the ‘ – like this: \’onlinedatenpunkte\’

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    Yes, my expression was a bit incorrect. I have corrected it like this:

    Teilauswertung.sqlpassthrough(‘Select ECO_ID From TEILAUSWERTUNG Where Bezeichnung = \’onlinedatenpunkte\”, Integer)

    It evaluates in OCLPS editor, but throws Exception at runtime. Try it – you will see

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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