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    I tried to post this yesterday, but perhaps it got lost somehow.

    I’m building a Windows service to host remote persistence as well as some scheduled and ad hoc background tasks. I think I have figured out how to hook it up, but I find little or no documentation for the SyncHandler. Can anyone share details about its settings and how to use it in runtime?

    Also, I’m not quite certain how the discovery and invalidation/reloading/updating of stale objects are done in client code. ANyone care to help there?


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    SyncHandler is simple yet powerfull.
    If you set it in your PersistenceMapper a log of updated objects will be held (in memory default) stating that the objects has changed at a certain sequence number.

    All clients using this PersistenceMapper via an PersistenceMapperProvider will get a number back of the current version when asking the server.

    Clients can get information on what identities that has been touched since last call by calling refresh.

    The client then typically invalidates these objects if they exist locally.
    When the client tries to use these objects the next time they will be fetched fresh.

    Optionally the client could do conflict management – but the natural reaction is just refresh.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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