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    We have an MDriven ASP.NET SOAP-based application server, making a number of web service methods available to our client software(s). The server is stateless, and always ends each web method call by either a database update or, for read only methods, by returning a session free eco space. All web method calls are currenly synchronous.

    Until now Eco.Web.MaxPool has been 0, but we’re considering using an ecospace pool to handle multiple requests in parallel. I think we have the sync handler and the other required parts of the infrastructure in place already.

    For testing purposes, I’m now looking for a way to, by code, purge all ecospaces from the pool, as if they had reached MaxAge. Any clues would be appreciated.

    The tests are to be (semi) automated and both measure performance and verify that the general behavior doesn’t change when pooling is used.

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    Could Eco.Web.PoolHandler.GetPool().RemoveAndDeactiveateAll(); be what I’m looking for?

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