MDriven Designer change log

The log of changes for MDriven Designer

Revision 13255 - 2021-06-21

Functionality filtering for MockoType :

Revision 13243 - 2021-06-16

EditablePresentationof Method introduced and logic consolidated down on Method
Rescue functionality to add new method

Revision 13242 - 2021-06-16

Too many types was exposed as Variable native type options

Revision 13240 - 2021-06-16

Wrong height on ViewAssistentCreate

Revision 13239 - 2021-06-15

Several changes to ErrorCheck;
parallell execution made possible by thread-safer readonly ES
Skipping of ModelLayer constraints since these are slow AND already performed by conversion to Runtime model

Revision 13237 - 2021-06-14

Introduced FromDictionary property on Datatype in order to better filter Attribute and Variable types in pickers
Assoc SpanNestingBase had a 1 requirement that forced a lot of checking - changed to 0..1

Default Datatypes are now read from TypeDictionary on file load

Revision 13236 - 2021-06-14

ViewModelVariables changed edit mode to modal

Revision 13234 - 2021-06-13

New "rescuue" functionality that enables you to add variables , classes, attributes and association from within the OCL editor

Revision 13233 - 2021-06-11

DBReflection issue with Int64 in mysql fixed

Revision 13231 - 2021-06-11

testing new timestamp server

Revision 13229 - 2021-06-09

OclEditor rescue functions - work in progress

Revision 13228 - 2021-06-09

OclEditor rescue functions - work in progress

Revision 13226 - 2021-06-08

Filtered attributes and methods changed to ExtendedModelLayer derived methods to reduce call frequency of derivation
Clipboard json data to Classes extended to Clibnoard json or xml data to Classes.
Clipboard to classes changed to set aggregration in tree direction and use single back link
OldDebugger removed from showing when using ModelDebugger

Revision 13224 - 2021-06-05

OclEditor now allows for access to "used by menu" in MDrivenDesigner

Revision 13222 - 2021-06-04

ViewModelEditor - large viewmodels spend almost half time in disposing old versions - this is now removed from the action that triggers re-render and handled by dispatcher over time

Revision 13220 - 2021-06-02

Fixed issue with viewmodel taggedvalue change falsely signaled need to GenerateCode
Introduced new TouchedTime that only considers touch in ModelLayer and not in ExtendedModelLayer - helps us avoid redo of type system for many changes -> less sluggish changes in diagrams and ViewModels

Revision 13208 - 2021-05-25

Boxing in GetInt to avoid crash on DBReverse

Revision 13205 - 2021-05-25

Issue in Framework installer - did not find MDriven.Persistence.VistaDB - fixed

Revision 13204 - 2021-05-25

ViewModel tagged value SkipWhenBacking=true will skip view on back in WPF - important if you have a Switchboard view only designed to ho forward

Revision 13200 - 2021-05-21

Trouble with missing styles in Modal windows from prototyper - This was because for new Modal win Sits on TabItem that has no Parentwhen the styles are needed - fixed by injecting resource dict on View in these cases

Revision 13187 - 2021-05-17

WSL updates

Revision 13176 - 2021-05-14

admin_ in MutlTenantPrefix must be lowercase or not compatible with MDrivenServer

Revision 13168 - 2021-05-12

Better instruction for VistaDB

Revision 13163 - 2021-05-11

TextSearch in Variable Combo in VMEditor

Revision 13158 - 2021-05-07

Constraints to stop Name conflicts rewritten to make use of ocl dictionary - shaved 14 seconds of model check for testcase model (26 secs vs 40 secs)

Revision 13154 - 2021-05-07

VirtualizingStackPanel used in WPF combobox - makes them MUCH faster on larger lists (1000rows)

Revision 13149 - 2021-05-04

Explicit dispose removed the annoying file lock after refresh!

Revision 13126 - 2021-04-28

Issue with VistaDB ProvideCodeBase missing stopped play button in VS - fixed

Revision 13124 - 2021-04-27

Reuse of SeekerResult variable reference in Wecpof was not ok after window close/open and made us miss catching newly created objects in the seeker result list - fixed

Revision 13120 - 2021-04-26

Issue in FindFreeBucket could crash modlr - fixed

Revision 13118 - 2021-04-25

Now SQLite dlls are deployed with clickonce

Revision 13113 - 2021-04-24

Revision 13112 - 2021-04-24

Revision 13110 - 2021-04-24

VistaDB in Prototype Run SQL

Revision 13083 - 2021-04-08

ViewModel derived link PossibleConstraints was fixed with an ->asset since use of subclasses in nestings of classes with constraints on their superclass turned up twice (or more) in Constraint opt out

Revision 13079 - 2021-04-05

Now MDrivenDesigner handles local servers with http - reducing the complexity and need for https and developer certs

Revision 13078 - 2021-04-05

Now MDrivenDesigner handles local servers with http - reducing the complexity and need for https and developer certs

Revision 13077 - 2021-04-05

Turnkey Core can run with https or http ,
MDrivenServer Core can run with http :

Revision 13057 - 2021-03-31

Move of LocalServers-win to tab in cloud win

Revision 13055 - 2021-03-30

Some assemblies are not valid .net assemblies and then we may crash when asking their name with System.Reflection.AssemblyName.GetAssemblyName(f) - fixed

Revision 13054 - 2021-03-30

null checl in spans editor

Revision 13018 - 2021-03-16

SQLServer updates System.Data.SqlClient is superseeded by Microsoft.Data.SqlClient and forced to update now to be able to use Azure ActiveDirectoryIntegrated connection mode in MDrivenServer

Revision 13000 - 2021-03-13

Follow up on move of constants from ViewModel to SearchLogic

Revision 12999 - 2021-03-13

Changed naming of seeker sorting variables.
Added autocreation of variables to autoforms

Revision 12981 - 2021-03-11

Issue with MaterialDesign that DataGrid goes into edit on first click and thus miss the vCurrent_ set - fixed
Also Issue with WPF DataGrid Checkbox - desired behavior to catch first click to update instead of first click focus, second click toggle - fixed

Revision 12976 - 2021-03-10

Changes to oclDebugger, before the ViewModel-Tree, UserInterface and Tajson roots where linked to being one of the objects in vResults - this is changed to individual drag targets.
Dragged roots are kept between reloads of model (remembered and reloaded)
Reload of ViewModel only available in designer mode
HotReload that subscribes to ViewModelEditors and reload viewmodel when changed

Revision 12968 - 2021-03-08

UIAllowed flag added to viewmodels to limit access to UI for views not intended for UI (Christina, Stokab)

Revision 12957 - 2021-03-03

UsedBy info extended to show more info on ContextActions(what ViewModel) + more info on ViewModelColumns, if they are Read/Write, ReadOnly, Collection etc

Revision 12955 - 2021-03-02

UsedBy info extended to show more info on ContextActions(what ViewModel) + more info on ViewModelColumns, if they are Read/Write, ReadOnly, Collection etc

Revision 12941 - 2021-02-27

Lot of issues with new Project file format handled - initial VS deadlocks resolved

Revision 12939 - 2021-02-25

VS2017 had been lost

Revision 12936 - 2021-02-25

Struggle with .netStandard and Modlr - solved by removing interfaces implemented for copy:

Revision 12934 - 2021-02-25

Revision 12933 - 2021-02-25

.net 472 driven by core/standard

Revision 12928 - 2021-02-19

/// The max length to have DefaultRep in tabs
public static int kMaxHeaderLen=30;

Revision 12924 - 2021-02-18

Wecpof switch to Wait cursor when busy

Revision 12923 - 2021-02-18

Wecpof switch to Wait cursor when busy

Revision 12922 - 2021-02-18

Added warning on singletons may be created in doublets from migrate import

Revision 12908 - 2021-02-12

Wrapper propertytype issues seen sometimes when resetting model

Revision 12905 - 2021-02-11

Installer update for Framework to allow for SignalR on Framework to call SignalRCore servers

Revision 12903 - 2021-02-10

System.Buffers ->4.5.0 to 4.5.1
Wecpoflogic -> .net4.5 to .net 4.6.2 (SignalRCore)
Microsoft.AspNetCore.SignalR.Client Framework can connect to CoreServer

Revision 12900 - 2021-02-09

Sign with old cert

Revision 12897 - 2021-02-09

Issue with Ctrl-click+GenerateCode did not take dues to FindWindow stealing focus - Fixed issue
Shortcut key in ViewModelEditor alt-c, alt-a and alt-n added Column,Action,Nesting

Revision 12884 - 2021-02-05

Remove sign og Clickonce from VS - do this in seperated step

Revision 12883 - 2021-02-04

ViewInView assistant improvements

Revision 12880 - 2021-02-04

Changes to generilize the workaround to get Modal views to run display queue in VisualStudio

Revision 12879 - 2021-02-03

ViewInView work in progress

Revision 12878 - 2021-02-03

File writing -> cultureinvariant sort to stop move on different language settings

Revision 12876 - 2021-02-03


Revision 12875 - 2021-02-03


Revision 12874 - 2021-02-02

Issus with self-usage in contextactions as described here

Revision 12873 - 2021-02-02

Issue with ContextAction -> BringupView -> RootExpression (If done from rooted view) -> Context should be null since ContextAction (vCurrent_ should be used) - but was class of brought up View's root -> confusing error

Revision 12871 - 2021-02-01

ViewEnableExpression had issues and is fixed on WPF and Angular

Revision 12866 - 2021-01-30

Revision 12864 - 2021-01-30

Revision 12861 - 2021-01-30

Revision 12860 - 2021-01-30

Revision 12859 - 2021-01-30

Cert testing

Revision 12858 - 2021-01-29

Added sorting by column on the client by clicking the header
Fixed bug with duplicate html id on controls in tables

Revision 12855 - 2021-01-29

EV MDriven Cert - this requires build machine terminal to be open on Hans machine that has the EV cert in the USB - or if we can move the EV cert to the build server

Revision 12854 - 2021-01-29

ViewModel in ViewModel DesignMode

Revision 12845 - 2021-01-26

Fix to codegen when methods return collections

Revision 12829 - 2021-01-22

UserControls - ability to show ViewModel in Parent view - work in progress

Revision 12827 - 2021-01-19

Issue with disappearing viewmodel columns debug Fixed.
This was really InAsyncThreadOrTheMainThreadInNonAsyncAppSoYouCanNeverGiveUp that sometimes was left to false for some parallell threads doing the file write - and this lead to Enumerations that ran into longer locks gave up - returning fewer results than they had - and this lead to file write wrote incomplete data.

The reason for enumerations ability too give up is UI. UI continues in a Async app and trust that Async thread eventually brings the missing data.

This was probably also the issue behind the failing file saves from last year when it signaled failed and asked you to try again - this error was then wrongfully "fixed" leading to this much worse error of incomplete file writes (that is now fixed)

Revision 12822 - 2021-01-16

OrderExpressions given new presentation

Revision 12814 - 2021-01-13

Issue with disappearing viewmodel columns debug

Revision 12806 - 2021-01-10

Issue with Merge if Nesting without Span owner exists - fixed

Revision 12805 - 2021-01-10

State Diagram autosolve lines when moving - including substates - fix

Revision 12797 - 2021-01-08

State Diagram autosolve lines when moving - including substates

Revision 12796 - 2021-01-08

Work with pain based Diagram Layouts - continued

Revision 12792 - 2021-01-06

Work with pain based Diagram Layouts - continued
Better strategy to place connections along side

Revision 12790 - 2021-01-03

Issues with AutoClass Diagram drawing associations to exact right location due to animation not being done on re-measure

Revision 12789 - 2021-01-03

Diagram lines went 3 pixels into the right and top of widgets due to a zero clamping in SetPos that now has been removed

Revision 12788 - 2020-12-31

Work with pain based Diagram Layouts - continued

Revision 12786 - 2020-12-29

Work with pain based Diagram Layouts

Revision 12782 - 2020-12-23

Modlr merge of files could leave dangling Associations - fixed

Revision 12776 - 2020-12-16

Revision 12771 - 2020-12-15

Core3.1 for MDrivenServer work in progress

Revision 12770 - 2020-12-15

Core3.1 for MDrivenServer work in progress

Revision 12769 - 2020-12-15

Core3.1 for MDrivenServer work in progress

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