MDriven Framework Change log

The log of changes for MDriven Framework

Revision 12828 - 2021-01-22

UserControls - ability to show ViewModel in Parent view - work in progress

Revision 12823 - 2021-01-17

Issues with Dictionary invalidation - problem was that subscriber pair should be re-created since something is nulling it out upon cancelsubscriptions

Revision 12821 - 2021-01-16

If SearchExpression Nesting starts with OrderExpression SearchLogic now treats those expressions as orderby - the first active orderby expression is used in the query executed.

New interface in ITypeService to enable this functionality

/// Same as ExpandDerivationsInExpression, but seperates the expression from the orderby/orderdescending operations expected to be found in the end of the expression
/// The orderexpression is returned in a parameter.
/// This method is used by SearchLogic to allow seperate definition of orderby from the other criterias

string ExpandDerivationsInExpressionExtractOrderBy(string expression, IClassifier context, bool reRaise, IExternalVariableList variableList, out string orderexpression);

Revision 12820 - 2021-01-15

OCL-PS orderby has had the limitation to only work on maintable's attributes. This has now been extended to allow all singlelink navigations from main table in multiple steps

When doing orderby on multiple arguments "orderby(x|x.Class3.attribute1, x.Class3.Attribute2,x.class3.attribute3,x.attribute1,x.class3.class2.attribute1)" each argument calculates its own query
these queries and any table references they need are merged in order to avoid creating a new join for each argument when the table/column is the same
also we assume we can reuse table/column references created earlier in the expression in order to avoid joins that only target the order-by statement

Revision 12817 - 2021-01-14

Revision 12816 - 2021-01-14

Revision 12815 - 2021-01-14

Revision 12812 - 2021-01-13

Changes to the groupbox styles.

Revision 12810 - 2021-01-12

In Core textarea is TextArea so these did not work in MVC - does now

Revision 12809 - 2021-01-11

Issues with Guids stored as vars in core fixed

Revision 12808 - 2021-01-11

Revision 12798 - 2021-01-10

IsPopUp added to AngularModel

Revision 12781 - 2020-12-21

On RestPost/RestGet you can now receive reason code in vReturnMessage as described here

Issue when leaving empty columns in SQLExport - SQL parameters got complex unsupported types - fixed

Revision 12779 - 2020-12-18

Manage user core

Revision 12775 - 2020-12-16

Added color to known types

Revision 12772 - 2020-12-16

Core3.1 for MDrivenServer work in progress
ColorAsInteger mapper better mapped

Revision 12762 - 2020-12-15

Added Ignore CRC check on ExtractAll in zip

Revision 12760 - 2020-12-15

Fixed null reference bug

Revision 12757 - 2020-12-14

Groupboxes that with expression that is immutable made content immutable also -> dead wrong - fixed

Revision 12754 - 2020-12-14

Wrong sp used for primtitives

Revision 12749 - 2020-12-14

Core3.1 for MDrivenServer work in progress - issues with tagHelpers - renaming option-variable to opt for clearer definition

Revision 12746 - 2020-12-13

Fixed issue with style ref and _Style / _CssClass in the tables.

Revision 12744 - 2020-12-13

Core3.1 for MDrivenServer work in progress - SignalR

Revision 12735 - 2020-12-13

Moving needed logic from ASPProviders into model for core

Revision 12734 - 2020-12-11

OclDebugger crashed when result was IPrimtitive and when trying to run next expression it failed due misssing context - fixed

Revision 12732 - 2020-12-11

Fix to AccessToken in code flow

Revision 12731 - 2020-12-11

Fix to AccessToken in code flow

Revision 12728 - 2020-12-10

Fix to AccessToken in code flow

Revision 12727 - 2020-12-10

Revision 12719 - 2020-12-10

Core3.1 for MDrivenServer work in progress

Revision 12713 - 2020-12-08

Experiment with OpenIdConnect authorization code flow for Stokab - better logging - checking AccessToken for claims and creating SysClaim

Revision 12711 - 2020-12-08

Revision 12708 - 2020-12-08

CheckAndHandleStatusCode for RestGet, RestPost etc

Revision 12703 - 2020-12-05

Added styles for download component and for new material icons. Added ability to add icons to the actions.

Revision 12699 - 2020-12-01

Fix usage of fallback image inside the grids. Static blob now renders as the download button.

Revision 12694 - 2020-11-30


Revision 12693 - 2020-11-30


Revision 12692 - 2020-11-30


Revision 12691 - 2020-11-30


Revision 12689 - 2020-11-28

Added win to project to build framework

Revision 12684 - 2020-11-28

VS plugin raised to .net 4.7.2

Revision 12683 - 2020-11-28


Revision 12678 - 2020-11-28


Revision 12675 - 2020-11-26

Typescript client now works as a standard browser when holding ctrl while execucting Global actions -> open new tab , no questions about save or certain - you are not leaving the old scope - you are opening a new scope.
PlacedButtons, Leftside actions, DoubleClicks, GlobalMenus - all check the ctrl-key - Modals ignore it though

Revision 12671 - 2020-11-26

vServerRestartedTime and vSkipQueryAndSkipJob as documented here enables MDrivenServer to know restarts and act accordingly with model code

Revision 12668 - 2020-11-26

Bcc and CC added as valid email addresses in Email send

Revision 12662 - 2020-11-19

Added more detailed debugging messages when searching

Revision 12661 - 2020-11-19

Added null check to avoid exception when not finding any result with sqlpassthroughobjects

Revision 12652 - 2020-11-15

MDrivenEvents as described here

Revision 12650 - 2020-11-15

MDrivenEvents as described here

Revision 12645 - 2020-11-12

Bughunt for DirtyListService_DirtyListChanged reentry issue

Revision 12644 - 2020-11-11

Added further bughunt info for DirtyListService_DirtyListChanged exception

Revision 12643 - 2020-11-10

Re-entry issues on DirtyListchanged - the functionality added some months ago to catch objects that changed in the save pass (SysAsyncTicket) was not thread safe. Fixed.

Revision 12637 - 2020-11-09

ReUse of WPF-Views could end up empty due to wrong order of initiation. Fixed.

Revision 12636 - 2020-11-08

Adding AbstractDeriver.ThrowExceptionOnFailedDerivation=true as described here

Revision 12634 - 2020-11-08

Logout goes to app root - not hard coded to index as it was before

Revision 12633 - 2020-11-08

Changes to fix ItemTemplates that has been broken in VS2019

Revision 12626 - 2020-10-28

Realtime detection cleaned up and moved to constructor

Revision 12625 - 2020-10-28

Problem when nulling out variables that are ObjectReferences - setting null fails - must have typed null ref

Revision 12617 - 2020-10-26

Issue with SysAsyncTicket when method or VM use abstract class the object was not looked up correctly

Revision 12616 - 2020-10-26

Issue with SysAsyncTicket when method or VM use abstract class the object was not looked up correctly

Revision 12613 - 2020-10-22

MVC checkbox on nullable bools did not work - fixed

Revision 12608 - 2020-10-19

Avoid crash when hooking up signalr to too old server

Revision 12598 - 2020-10-15

Backed a few versions on plugin VS stuff after issues with VS2017 installer

Revision 12596 - 2020-10-14

IAsyncSupportService has been given WaitForWorkDoneWithTimeout - this can be used from main thread to wait a bit for async thread

Revision 12594 - 2020-10-14

TurnkeyCore adaptions

Revision 12588 - 2020-10-13

AllIsWell call sent by MDrivenServer to enable better system relaxation when nothing happens

Revision 12586 - 2020-10-13

Changed ViewModelAsXml to NOT render empty child tags for empty single-links

Revision 12582 - 2020-10-13

Adding Wait 100 on SignalR invoke

Revision 12577 - 2020-10-12

Must wait in SignalR start or we get strange hangs in HttpClient

Revision 12576 - 2020-10-12

SignalR Logging

Revision 12565 - 2020-10-11

Reconnect Realtime signalr connection

Revision 12558 - 2020-10-02

Revision 12557 - 2020-10-02

Revision 12556 - 2020-10-02

Revision 12555 - 2020-10-02

Revision 12554 - 2020-10-02

IPersistenceService interface extended

/// Safe to call often - internal timing ensures no network traffic created more often than secsapart

bool RefreshSafePeriodic(int secsapart);

/// When invalidations for reread have been set by RetrieveChanges (from sync handler) this event fires

event EventHandler InvalidationsDone;

/// When member marked with Realtime is invalidated by Realtime logic this event is triggered

event EventHandler InvalidateByRealtimeDone;

Revision 12551 - 2020-10-01

Found and corrected root cause for Modlr save intermitent errors; SingleThreaded apps could have the list access interrupted (if we multithreaded the access to stuff with parallell) since we wrongly assumed there was an asyncthread that would compensate.

Revision 12545 - 2020-09-30

Better handling of switch of pmapper

Revision 12541 - 2020-09-30

Revision 12540 - 2020-09-30

5.2.7 version

Revision 12535 - 2020-09-30

OnRealtimeChangeDetected event added to Cache
"Realtime" tagged value on member discovered and changed is flagged
Introducing CleanForFree on EcoSpacePart for better composting
Equals on DefaultId is refined to allow for equality of same value of int64 and int32

Revision 12532 - 2020-09-27

Made the default for class actions in viewmodels to be enabled be default (should only change in grids)

Revision 12531 - 2020-09-27

When SoapCall service return 500-internal server error it may still provide clues to what the error was in the exception response. This information - if found is now given in the result to facilitate better debugging.
SoapCall message stream hade a file byte-order byte that made some servers fail in reading the envelope (bolagsverket)

Revision 12529 - 2020-09-24

Claims filtering to avoid updates of things that change all the time

Revision 12528 - 2020-09-24

removed access token from OpenId read temporarily in due to strange error

Revision 12526 - 2020-09-24

New event added OnViewModelColumnPlacementDone to handle injection of Placeholder text in MaterialDesign WPF

Revision 12523 - 2020-09-23

Newest version of owin (to get AccessToken if available)

Revision 12521 - 2020-09-23

Language mapping override ability added to Localization support:

Revision 12520 - 2020-09-22

Improvements - before Claims where not updated until 2:de login - now directly on first login

Revision 12519 - 2020-09-22

Adding all claims (but not the main claim used since we will get Antiforgery issues with multiple in list)
Added Update of claim on logon

Revision 12517 - 2020-09-21

Changes to PersistenceMapper ability to return the used sql
/// Returns the actual persistence providers query - often sql
string ReturnPlatformQuery(IElement root, IExternalVariableList variableList, string expression);
/// Returns the actual persistence providers query - often sql
string ReturnPlatformQueryValue(IElement root, IExternalVariableList variableList, string expression);

Revision 12504 - 2020-09-15

Issue with enumerations as static in MVC

Revision 12503 - 2020-09-15

QUERYPLANFEEDBACK to log in MDrivenServer

Revision 12502 - 2020-09-15

Issue in ErrorSavingModel

Revision 12498 - 2020-09-11

MVC controller: SaveEvenInvalidModel
If there are broken constraints they will be added as ModelError - but you may still want to save state
This is specially true if there are 2 or more things that need to be updated to get it right.

Revision 12496 - 2020-09-10

QueryPlanFeedback introduced to get info back to the mdrivenserver log

Revision 12495 - 2020-09-09

The ExpandDerivationsInExpression used by search logic could recurse on recursive derivations -> fixed

Revision 12493 - 2020-09-09

Switching back Invariant culture on all numbers in MVC rendering after confirming what the spec says on decimals
MVC VMClassBinding had troble converting Guid

Revision 12490 - 2020-09-08

AutoDebuggerForms can be shown limited so that they work in MVC
MVC Textareas did not datatbind

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  2. Derek Newton says:

    Revision 12233 – 2020-05-19 stated:
    “WPF groupboxes with immutable header expression and no explicit readonly was wrongfully forcing contained controls to readonly.”
    I am using Revision 12362 and it appears that this issue either continues or has reappeared.

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