MDriven Designer ClickOnce – AutomaticUpdate

(on chrome you may need ClickOnce plugin another plugin is needed for Firefox)

MDriven Packages on NuGet

MDriven Framework for visualstudio 2017 PRODUCTION (2017-04-25)

Consider downloading the current builds found on the build server


For these products:

  • MDriven Server
  • MDriven Turnkey
  • MDriven Turnkey Client Code

visit the buildserver


Phone,Silverlight,WinRT,WindowsStore development –  Get MDriven Packages on NuGet


Release notes: MDriven Designer change log, MDriven Framework change log, MDriven Server change log

15 Responses to Downloads

  1. Tim McKay says:

    I am just wondering if the version from 2011-02-15 b330 is the production release, or is it still in Beta?

    If it’s still in Beta, when will it be available? Alternatively, is there going to be a a version of ECO 5 that will be including support for VS 2010?

    Thanks so much, Tim McKay

    • Admin says:

      Yes the official build is the one posted here. And No ECO6 replaces ECO5 so there will be no more ECO5 builds unless there is some kind of an emergency.

      • Tim McKay says:

        Thanks so much! Been poking back every few months to check in… Glad ECO 6 is out! Thanks also for making a superior product. ECO has made my life a lot easier. I love working my domain models in ECO. Keep up the excellent work!


  2. Andy Gray says:

    Hi, where can I download the latest version of ECO 5?

  3. Johannes Klos says:

    I am also looking for the latest version of ECO 5. I have only a key for ECO5.
    Is there a way to download it? It does not appear in the latest builds folder.


  4. Daniel W says:

    So… ECO6 is out? Nice! Time to start pestering boss about getting something newer than ye olde Delphi 2007 then. Now… XE or C#… hm… seems I’d better get busy doing some research on that.

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  6. guest00 says:

    Hi CO, where can I download the VS2010 version of ECO?
    Thank you

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