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Unity3D and MDriven

Unity3D use Mono – and Mono builds do not really follow the usual .net versioning with 2.0,3.5 etc… There is a special .net Framework edition you must use. You get this by installing the Visual Studio 2015 Tools for Unity. … Continue reading

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MDriven Turnkey–this will just not stop coming

Backend development is that tedious plumbing that needs to be in place to have your spectacular UI actually work. If you some times get tired of plumbing – do not feel bad – embrace the feeling – it is the … Continue reading

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MySQL–notes to support the use of MySQL with MDriven

Hand on heart – I use SQLServer most of the time. So when I am asked questions about MySQL I always need to go out of my comfort zone. This article can hopefully help me in my efforts with this … Continue reading

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VisualStudio 2012

Please try ECO for VisualStudio 2012. Report back issues please.

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Logging what ECO does

Peter Morris sent me a sample and it contained a nice section that send all ECO sql-logs to the Output window in VS2010. Eco.Logging.EcoLogSwitches.LogSql = true; Eco.Logging.EcoListener.Singleton.OnTraceLog += (sender, args) => { System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine(Thread.CurrentThread.Name + “:” + args.Message); }; Eco.Logging.EcoListener.StartListening(); Since … Continue reading

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Smart phones and Model driven development

Sales: ECO is a model driven framework that helps you construct complex and detailed software as fast as you can think – with high maintainability and only “think-bugs” no “code-bugs”. Client: Cool. Sales: ECO also helps you to persist your … Continue reading

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ECO for Visual Studio explained

Picking the image apart piece by piece Model This is the model you produce. It is expressed in Unified Modeling Language (UML) and defines Class diagrams with inheritance, many to many associations with association classes, derived attributes using Object Constraint … Continue reading

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Everyone is in the cloud

So – these days everyone is in the cloud so how come I’m not? I guess that this is a question we all ask ourselves from time to time or not… Well I felt a strong need for “dogfooding” on … Continue reading

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A sample that shows EVERYTHING there is to know about ECO PART 2– The Persistence server

There are many ways to set up persistence in an ECO based system: 1. You have many different persistencemappers to chose from – PersistenceMappers for different flavors of relational databases; SQLServer, MySql, Oracle, Bdp, Blackfish, Dbx, Firebird, Mimer, Nexus, SqlLite, … Continue reading

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A sample that shows EVERYTHING there is to know about ECO

With a header like that I guess I am bound to fail – but such a sample is missed. The target audience for a sample like that is: Myself and others at CapableObjects needing to check a thing or two … Continue reading

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