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We made Turnkey site creation easier

To have your own Turnkey site in the cloud that you can reach from any browser and phone is integral to take advantage of the large functionality set offered by MDriven Turnkey. Up until yesterday it was very much a … Continue reading

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Building an InstantPoll app with MDriven

As I was invited to a Meetup event by Thomas Javing at Regent. My talk was about MDriven. It was a pleasant experience and I met with a lot of interested people. But the thing that Thomas did in the … Continue reading

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Faster prototyping with Turnkey

MDriven Turnkey is very fast when it comes to creating and changing systems. But nothing is ever fast enough. When you use MDrivenDesigner you have the prototyping tool that can show you the actions and general flow in a WPF … Continue reading

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Animated clips to convey how and why one can use MDriven

As always we appreciate any feedback. We also would like for you to subscribe to our YouTube-channel – and comment the clips – and press thumbs up if you agree or like what we say.

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SOAP the protocol from the stone age

As I showed earlier we can real easy set up consumption of REST services provided by someone else – and we can just as easily expose REST services to others from our running MDriven system. But then someone came along … Continue reading

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MDriven Turnkey Architecture explained

Hans Karlsen actually tries to explain everything about turnkey architecture. Does he succeed? What is your main question after watching this?

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Turnkey with WPF–and Mahapp–and any third party xaml

Wow – things are moving along at record speed. Moving more and more of my development efforts into the model and handing over the “dirty work” to logic seems like a winner. It got me thinking on what it is … Continue reading

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MDriven Turnkey and OpenID Azure AD

MDriven Turnkey offers solutions for authentication of users. We do so by making it easy for you to provide the configuration needed to integrate with federated authentication like Google, Microsoft and Facebook. All these providers give the user an easy … Continue reading

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UIOverride, ContentOverride–creating and injecting your own controls in MDriven Turnkey generated UI

If you are happy with most of the generated UI but you have a few requirements that needs custom code you could override the whole page – or as we will look at in this article – use a part … Continue reading

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Working with Turnkey–mixing in your own code

I wanted to automate the framework deploy to Turnkey-sites. I wanted to allow for the user to request a deploy and have that request trigger a build on the build machine. This is just my example use-case, but it is … Continue reading

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