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Ask us about the Windows Phone 7

Check this out: Watch the clip This is a sample app running the beta of ECO6 for the windows phone with this model:   It also runs the beta of the GTP.NET.SL.PHONE Interactive Gantt control (versions for Silverlight, WPF and … Continue reading

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Being declarative when it fits with the Model Driven Framework ECO for Visual Studio 2010

So I always praise this declarative development that Enterprise Core Objects lends itself to. Take the ViewModels – I go on and on, post after post, rambling on how amazingly fast and robust a UI built this way can be … Continue reading

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Allowing return key in some cells of DataGrid but not in others

As I use the EAInformation screens in AppComplete I found that it would be good to be able to accept multi line input in some grid cells. As the EAInformation UI is completely built with ViewModels and Styles my first … Continue reading

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Enterprise architect information

This article was moved to MDriven Wiki – Enterprise architect information I wrote this other article some time ago. The principle remains but we have a lot of input from real life experience what one requires to successfully maintain all … Continue reading

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Silverlight ViewModel UserControl

ViewModel UserControl is what we call the UserControl that given an ecospace type and a ViewModel name already in design time can derive a UI based on the UI-hints that the ViewModel definition might have, and in runtime, given an … Continue reading

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