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How can MDriven be so much more efficient than other system development tools?

It all comes down to the environment you act in and what you can expect from it. In MDriven you completely control the environment by creating the model. This means that you fully control the rules of the game. If … Continue reading

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Complexity shows up almost immediately–get the tools to manage it

Listening to the business requirements is really the only way to help the business with information management. But listening to the business will take you places you would never had thought of yourself. It always starts out small and neat; … Continue reading

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Getting safe–limited–meta information from a Turnkey app

I have stated on numerous occasions that MDriven Turnkey is not only for AngularJS and MVC. MDriven Turnkey is a complete information delivery architecture that is just as suitable for building highly secured native apps for other platforms. In some … Continue reading

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Derivation is not available in the database

Derivation is a very good way to remove the need for repeating definitions. Suppose you have this model: An apartment has Occupants that may have pets of different breeds. Suppose your logic calls for frequent subsets of information maybe like … Continue reading

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Custom controls in ViewModel aided Views

I have written on numerous occasions on how to mold data from your model into viewmodels using the ViewModel-designer in Modlr. I have also made a point on more than one occasion how such viewmodels lend themselves to act as … Continue reading

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Unique constraints on 1 to 1 links

When you have a 1 to 1 relation between classes a small (e) appears on the link that is embedded (where the key is actually stored). Technically you can store the key in both ends but that is sort of … Continue reading

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Business Delete Rules

When you create a model – deletion of objects is seldom on top of your mind. But sooner or later users are going to want to remove objects from the system executing your model. The main problem with deletion is … Continue reading

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BorPred–Things are what you make them–so why not try easy

Almost all systems has the need to export and import data. Since it is always very easy to hack something up that does the job – the solution is often to hack something up that does the job – and … Continue reading

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You will sooner or later need a Deep Clone

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Information hygiene

Everything starts up small – and some things never stops to grow. Pretty soon you have a big system on your hands that needs to send data here and there thru the enterprise. You then start to whish that you … Continue reading

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