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Digitalization starter pack

Everyone knows that there are gains to be had by going digital. Exactly what gains and were to start is however not obvious. Advice are plenty but often risky – involving high bets on specific schemes that often enrich the … Continue reading

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How can MDriven be so much more efficient than other system development tools?

It all comes down to the environment you act in and what you can expect from it. In MDriven you completely control the environment by creating the model. This means that you fully control the rules of the game. If … Continue reading

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Making sense of legacy data–DB Reverse

With the new AutoForms in MDrivenDesigner it is fun and easy to get to grips with legacy data

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Ditch Sparx today

Get insights into how UML is supposed to be used to fully understand business needs and to build complete verifiable specifications for software.

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Reality and the theoretical best model

Reality First you have the reality – then you have the theoretical best model of that reality (TBM). It is the best approximation of that reality. It may be impossible or undesirable to reach TBM if the subject reality changes … Continue reading

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Build Enterprise Information Systems

Define classes that act as descriptions on what data there is Add associations between classes to get descriptions of aggregated things Add state machines to reflect the business rules of data change Tryout your classes with data by creating objects … Continue reading

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If I had the money for a full page ad in Wired it would say this

Software development is considered hard and complex by most. But why is that? Well we think it is because some people MAKE it hard and complex. There are 2 extremes in the business. First we have the coders – they … Continue reading

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Complexity shows up almost immediately–get the tools to manage it

Listening to the business requirements is really the only way to help the business with information management. But listening to the business will take you places you would never had thought of yourself. It always starts out small and neat; … Continue reading

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MDriven Designer Overview part 2

Additional diagram Nullable types State Machine Guards and triggers OCL Editor Methods on the class System prototyper New OCL Debugger Introduction Using “memory”, M1, M2, M3 XML persistence SQL persistence MDriven server View Model Editor “ModelView” and “ViewModel” patterns

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Getting safe–limited–meta information from a Turnkey app

I have stated on numerous occasions that MDriven Turnkey is not only for AngularJS and MVC. MDriven Turnkey is a complete information delivery architecture that is just as suitable for building highly secured native apps for other platforms. In some … Continue reading

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