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I really love MonoAndroid! I got an email from Joseph Hill at Xamarin – asking if we had tested ECO in this environment – I replied that we had glanced at it but I would look at it in more … Continue reading

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First spin of ECO on WindowsPhone. First read this Open up the sample that comes with ECO: Open up the sln and ignore/ok this: You will see this: The ReadMe explains the missing projects but since you are a developer … Continue reading

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WCF trouble-shoot

Your project looks something like this: Is your server running under IIS or DevServer? Check PersistenceServer project properties: Is your Client(s) pointing to this? Search your project for persistenceMapperClient this.persistenceMapperClient1.Uri = “http://localhost:52150/EcoProjectWindowsPhone71PMPWCF.svc”; You may find multiple entries – check them … Continue reading

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Everyone is in the cloud

So – these days everyone is in the cloud so how come I’m not? I guess that this is a question we all ask ourselves from time to time or not… Well I felt a strong need for “dogfooding” on … Continue reading

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I have been debugging the Remote persistence we use for ECO6 – this uses WCF. It was Jonas that started this work and he did a fine job – but we have a few gotchas that I want to get … Continue reading

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Using different WCF Bindings with Enterprise Core Objects – ECO – the model driven framework

There are already numerous ways to set up an Eco-based system. Besides having a multitude of PersistenceMappers that enables Object-relational mapping for the most popular databases – Eco also provides a Bridged communication between an Eco-client and an Eco-server. Since … Continue reading

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Eco Silverlight–client and server side–how is it supposed to work

The question on the forum was “So what is on the Eco Service side? What are the steps going to be to make a SL Eco project work? Is there a description anywhere of what the plans are for this … Continue reading

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Using WECPOF in runtime

You can use WECPOF in design time ECO projects and in files. This article explains how to use it in runtime to deliver finished applications. It starts out as an ordinary ECO project (create one from the wizard, Create … Continue reading

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