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Further Linq enhancements

Up until now there has been a problem to filter on type in Linq The problem can be shown with this model: If you want to find SomeSubClass that has a Class2 with a specific name ; var foo2 = … Continue reading

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Using other than standard Persistence Mappers per attribute

In MDriven it is possible to create your own persistence mappers per attribute. If you do not create your own it is still possible to pick and choose from  the ones supplied. Note that this level of specialization will stop … Continue reading

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A few words on linq

Since Eco objects are normal .net objects you can use standard in memory linq. Like this: var standardlinq = from f in EcoSpace.Extents.AllInstances<Class1>() where (f.Attribute1 == “1”) select f.Attribute1;   CapableObjects also offers the EcoQuery – the EcoQuery implements IQuerable … Continue reading

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