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Import xml and JSon with MDriven – selfVM.XmlToObjects and selfVM.JsonToObjects

I have discussed the selfVM.JsonToObjects a bit in this article. Now another very similar function is introduced – the selfVM.XmlToObjects. Suppose you have a use case where you receive xml data – and you want to turn this data objects … Continue reading

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MDriven Designer Overview part 3

Review on the WECPOF prototyper application and continue on prototyping with actions and viewmodels. This article was moved to Part 3 | WECPOF prototyper application You can also check out the video

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WPF – the more you use the more you learn

WPF has abilities that maps extremely well into our declarative way of thinking. The more I use WPF the more I like it. Today I had a requirement that the cells of a DataGrid in my UI should have a … Continue reading

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This article was moved to MDriven Wiki – GuardConstraints Constraints is a good way to add business rules to your application. Constraints are further discussed here. Guards are what you set on State machine transitions as described here. This article … Continue reading

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Moving your work from MDriven Designer to MDriven Framework

When you have modeled in MDriven Designer and want to turn your model into a full application – read on. To have the explicit c# code for each model class you need MDriven Framework that is a plugin for Visual … Continue reading

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MVC White paper in 4 parts

Use CapableObjects with MVC – this is how // The document handles new model driven controllers for MVC and Wecpof for MVC and a few things in between. Please give me feedback on content. Please try the things in the … Continue reading

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The Concept application WhenAndWhereProject

The WhenAndWhereProject is a complete system for visualizing work on specific locations. Hopefully we can continue to add functionality to this in order to explain key concepts to model driven development. We welcome discussion and request on what to show … Continue reading

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Following up the post on Custom controls in ViewModel aided views

The first article is found here and in the last section I said I would create a CustomControl that show data in a gantt chart; here it comes. A very naïve model to hold the data. Then a ViewModel that … Continue reading

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Custom controls in ViewModel aided Views

I have written on numerous occasions on how to mold data from your model into viewmodels using the ViewModel-designer in Modlr. I have also made a point on more than one occasion how such viewmodels lend themselves to act as … Continue reading

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Access groups

You probably have different users in your system and these users are probably associated with an access group somehow (ActiveDirectory or something in your application). You will want to allow and disallow user groups to execute actions. This could be … Continue reading

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