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MDriven Framework + MDriven Turnkey with CodeDress

From the very start that we introduced MDriven Turnkey – fans of MDriven Framework has been asking me how the two relates. It is obvious that they are very closely related but it has felt as an initial choice one … Continue reading

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Source code license–hands on

When subscribing to the source code license you will get access to a zip file containing all the source code to build eco and modlr.   You need to massage the delivery a bit in order to build:   Create … Continue reading

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You will sooner or later need a Deep Clone

This article has been moved to our wiki:

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Eco VS2010 integrated Help

The integrated help takes the code comments from the source code files. We have low ambition to explain concepts etc in the help file itself – we much rather describe complex things in posts on this site or in supplied … Continue reading

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Seeing everything that is persisted

There is something called a ChainedPersistenceHandlerBase that you can inherit from and intercept everything that goes to and from the database. You can use override as you see fit: namespace Eco.Persistence {   // Summary:   //     Base class for persistence handler.   // … Continue reading

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Ever felt the need to log what your ECO persistence server is up to?

public partial class ModelPMP : Eco.Persistence.PersistenceMapperProvider {     List<string> _log = new List<string>();     public ModelPMP() : base()     {       EcoListener.StartListening();       EcoLogSwitches.LogSql = true;       EcoListener.Singleton.OnTraceLog += new TraceLogHandler(OnTraceLog);       this.InitializeComponent();     }       private void OnTraceLog(object sender, TraceEventArgs e)     {       if (e.Category.Equals(EcoTraceCategories.Sql))       {         _log.Add(e.Message);       } … Continue reading

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Source code license

Some of our clients has expressed the need to have access to the source code of the ECO-framework. The need is really obvious but the the main reasons brought forward are; Understanding of “what is going on” Fast local fix … Continue reading

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