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Tagged value obscurity–remedy

Today the MDriven Tagged Value handling was changed to the better. We need the tagged values for many things – but increasingly much to influence fine tune details of Modernity. The model – or Gist – should not need to … Continue reading

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Things do not have to be complicated. In this short video we show how to configure any MDriven built system to programmatically, easily and securely communicate with a MDrivenTurnkey site. Use these techniques to keep data in sync from systems … Continue reading

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MDriven Designer–a new Rename function to save you time

The rename operation is described in detail here:

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UI First–or information first? Mix it up as you see fit!

MDriven has always been information-focused. We demanded that you had information defined before even looking at the declarative ViewModel editor. This forced you into a work order that might not have come naturally to you – and since most other … Continue reading

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Updates to AutoForm and Debugger after latest feedback

AutoForms are getting in a rapid pace – this is due to valuable feedback from you! If you have not said anything we just assume you think they are perfect as is

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Making sense of legacy data–DB Reverse

With the new AutoForms in MDrivenDesigner it is fun and easy to get to grips with legacy data

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Ditch Sparx today

Get insights into how UML is supposed to be used to fully understand business needs and to build complete verifiable specifications for software.

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AutoForms–get more with less faster (Updated)

This new feature I think is super cool. Once again we take the framework we develop and fold it down on itself to create new value. By statically analyzing the definition in classes – and feeding that information back into … Continue reading

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Building an InstantPoll app with MDriven

As I was invited to a Meetup event by Thomas Javing at Regent. My talk was about MDriven. It was a pleasant experience and I met with a lot of interested people. But the thing that Thomas did in the … Continue reading

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Visual Studio Code

Do you know any front-end developers? Maybe they would like to try MDriven to get self sufficient for everything backend? Please help us share the video above! And please subscribe! It will help others to find MDriven.

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