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UI First–or information first? Mix it up as you see fit!

MDriven has always been information-focused. We demanded that you had information defined before even looking at the declarative ViewModel editor. This forced you into a work order that might not have come naturally to you – and since most other … Continue reading

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Updates to AutoForm and Debugger after latest feedback

AutoForms are getting in a rapid pace – this is due to valuable feedback from you! If you have not said anything we just assume you think they are perfect as is

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Making sense of legacy data–DB Reverse

With the new AutoForms in MDrivenDesigner it is fun and easy to get to grips with legacy data

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Ditch Sparx today

Get insights into how UML is supposed to be used to fully understand business needs and to build complete verifiable specifications for software.

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Reality and the theoretical best model

Reality First you have the reality – then you have the theoretical best model of that reality (TBM). It is the best approximation of that reality. It may be impossible or undesirable to reach TBM if the subject reality changes … Continue reading

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OCL–when do I use arrow (->) and when do I use dot (.) ?

The dot and arrow is almost interchangeable – but “–>” is used for operators and “.” is used for navigations. In ocl you use the arrow when you want to act (use an operator) on the container of the thing(s) … Continue reading

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AutoForms–get more with less faster (Updated)

This new feature I think is super cool. Once again we take the framework we develop and fold it down on itself to create new value. By statically analyzing the definition in classes – and feeding that information back into … Continue reading

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Build Enterprise Information Systems

Define classes that act as descriptions on what data there is Add associations between classes to get descriptions of aggregated things Add state machines to reflect the business rules of data change Tryout your classes with data by creating objects … Continue reading

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If I had the money for a full page ad in Wired it would say this

Software development is considered hard and complex by most. But why is that? Well we think it is because some people MAKE it hard and complex. There are 2 extremes in the business. First we have the coders – they … Continue reading

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Declarative ViewModels coming feature – GroupBox

We do try to hold the specification for the ViewModel as stable as possible since we have many engines that depends on it. But when needs come we introduce non breaking changes and declare them in posts like this so … Continue reading

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