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CapableObjects offers products and services for developing systems based on a Domain Model.

While the ideas underlying our technology are in many ways similar to those of Domain Driven Design (DDD), we take the concept one step further by making the domain model part of the running system.

Our model driven approach offers a dramatically increased productivity, as well as improved quality.

Our product offering, the innovative development environment MDriven Framework and MDriven Turnkey, provides a multi-layered approach to development through a series of interacting frameworks, all driven by the domain model.

In addition, we provide consulting services in the areas of Domain Modeling, and Model Driven Development.

CapableObjects RE AB, located in Stockholm, Sweden, is a privately held company.

  • CapableObjects RE AB
  • Gråstensvägen 24
  • S-163 45 Spånga, Sweden
  • Managing Director, Hans Karlsen, Phone +46708620160

3 Responses to About Us

  1. Haiouani says:

    I don’t speak or write Engligsh very well! I’m Algerian, so execuse me !
    I think that ECO is very powerfull environment of developpment
    I haven’t resources to have this product, but I hope that one day
    I can use it and have fun with OCL expressions
    Thanks for ECO , thanks for what you have to do to humanity

  2. mvanderuitenbeek@vhbinfra.nl says:

    Just want to tell you that this is fantastic software! I am using it for a few years now in serious projects and it works effortlessly and flawlessly! It makes new projects enjoyable, and people are stunned how fast you can actually produce something.

  3. seg says:

    I use ECO for 8 years and love it!

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