If I had the money for a full page ad in Wired it would say this

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Software development is considered hard and complex by most.

But why is that?

Well we think it is because some people MAKE it hard and complex.

There are 2 extremes in the business.

First we have the coders – they might think in images – but their result is always code – anything else but code is considered cheating.

The other extreme is the architects that only do models – or images – anything else is considered implementation details and dis-respectful to the process of architecture.

The reason for the consensus about software complexity between these 2 extremes is actually just a fluke!

The coders think it is hard because it IS hard to continuously transform thousands of lines of code to match a snapshot understanding of requirements that will shift every time it is revisited.

The architects think software development is hard because they see how immensely hard it is to get models correct when you are only allowed to think very abstract on the requirements, since they are not allowed to test things out in reality – as that would not be architecture.

Modeling without execution is broken – coding without modeling is broken.

Will you just do everyone a favor and try modeling WITH execution already?

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The MDriven Team

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