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Build Enterprise Information Systems

Define classes that act as descriptions on what data there is Add associations between classes to get descriptions of aggregated things Add state machines to reflect the business rules of data change Tryout your classes with data by creating objects … Continue reading

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If I had the money for a full page ad in Wired it would say this

Software development is considered hard and complex by most. But why is that? Well we think it is because some people MAKE it hard and complex. There are 2 extremes in the business. First we have the coders – they … Continue reading

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Declarative ViewModels coming feature – GroupBox

We do try to hold the specification for the ViewModel as stable as possible since we have many engines that depends on it. But when needs come we introduce non breaking changes and declare them in posts like this so … Continue reading

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Building an InstantPoll app with MDriven

As I was invited to a Meetup event by Thomas Javing at Regent. My talk was about MDriven. It was a pleasant experience and I met with a lot of interested people. But the thing that Thomas did in the … Continue reading

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