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When you are multiple developers all working against a common MDrivenServer for development – you will need to communicate with your friends when you evolve the database. If you do not and they execute the system with an old model they get a lot of mismatch errors.

We had the agreed rule to write a line in Slack when evolving the dev-database. We usually just wrote “Evolve dev” – and this was a signal to developers that they must merge new code from git and rebuild before testing.

Slack is a much used collaboration tool – and it is easy to add integration to slack.

So we added a web-hook integration that you can set:


And now whenever someone Evolves the Dev system I get this in my slack channel of choice:


To set this up you need to create a web hook in slack –> its just an url that we use with Rest to write JSon –> set it in the MDrivenServers you want to track. In MDrivenTurnkey you find the MDrivenServer on the <turnkeyurl>/__MDrivenServer

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