A sample scanning Barcodes on Android–and syncing to a turnkey server with Json

This article was moved to MDriven Wiki Barcode – on Android – with Xamarin and MDriven

First before I forget: Samples are moving from the installation folder of MDriven Framework to this new bitbucket git repository found here https://bitbucket.org/MDrivenOpenSource/mdrivenofficialsamples

And the sample discussed here is available there as well; https://bitbucket.org/MDrivenOpenSource/mdrivenofficialsamples/src/ff6c50f0355a/MDrivenTurnkey/Barcocde/?at=master

In the video you will see Me fippling on my sluggish A3 Samsung device – scanning barcodes – building up imaginary shelves and items on these. Then this is sent to the server and had to update objects defined by the server model.

I use Xamarin Forms in Visual Studio 2017, MDriven Framework with build number 9205 or higher, MDriven Turnkey deployed today (17-04-10) or later. I also make use of ZXing barcode scanning and Newton.Json.

I use code generated ViewModels and bind them to Xamarin form views.

I will also show that working declaratively with MDriven – you can verify all the business requirements before writing any c# on the phone – and that will save you serious time.

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