MDriven Framework + MDriven Turnkey with CodeDress

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From the very start that we introduced MDriven Turnkey – fans of MDriven Framework has been asking me how the two relates.

It is obvious that they are very closely related but it has felt as an initial choice one had to do – Framework or Turnkey – c# or declarative with OCL.

I never liked choices like that.

The CodeDress concept that we now have added eliminates the choice – do both.

Hard to explain with words.

So here is a video:

I still think that 99% percent of your business rules should go in OCL so that you get full track of model usage and easy to inspected business rules. But the last percent – that image recognition library – or that Fourier transform – those things that feels like mountains of functionality hard to come by with OCL alone – do those in c#.

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