I accidently pushed upload model instead of download model–help

This article was moved to MDriven Wiki I accidently pushed upload model instead of download model–help

In turnkey you upload and download the model to the MDrivenServer.

It is possible that you accidently push upload when you mean download – can you get the old model back?

Yes. Go like this.

Log in to LicenseAndTicket to find the password to MDrivenServer:


Once you have the password in the clipboard – press the link “Visit MDrivenServer” marked in green above.

You will end up here:


login with user a and the pwd from your clipboard.

You end up here:


Choose Amin area – you end up here:


Choose Model Version Administration:



Choose slot A0, select the last model that is the one you accidently uploaded – select it by clicking the green checkmark on the row – then delete it…. If you now head back to MDrivenDesigner and choose Download model – you will get the last one in this list.

Eight models are automatically kept in this log.

If there is zero models in this list – the one you upload will recreate the database. If there is a model already when you upload – the database will be evolved (changed).

Update 2016-10-01

When you delete the current version of the model the application is left in a state where no version is active. We must set the current version in the CurrentVersion-Combobox. In order to do this we must first stop the application – after we set the version we start the application again:


It seems reasonable that the application should be required to be in stopped-state before we can delete the current model – I will add a change request for this.

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