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I accidently pushed upload model instead of download model–help

In turnkey you upload and download the model to the MDrivenServer. It is possible that you accidently push upload when you mean download – can you get the old model back? Yes. Go like this. Log in to LicenseAndTicket to … Continue reading

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OCL by example

Three videos to de-mystify OCL. A simple model and some expressions working on it for different purposes. The videos make use of the new OCL editor that has been updated to support code-completion better. It also show case the OCL-debugger … Continue reading

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Getting safe–limited–meta information from a Turnkey app

I have stated on numerous occasions that MDriven Turnkey is not only for AngularJS and MVC. MDriven Turnkey is a complete information delivery architecture that is just as suitable for building highly secured native apps for other platforms. In some … Continue reading

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