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QR-Code to drive a workflow in any MDriven turnkey app

QR-Codes can hold urls and as such they are a great binder between the outside world and your information system. Imagine a standard QR-code-reading-app on anyone’s phone being the entry point deep into your information – showing the user current … Continue reading

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Calling your own c# .net things from Turnkey–server side

As MDriven Turnkey works on your defined model and information you will have access to everything you need – until you don’t. For example we had these use-cases that called for the ability to reach out from the standard turnkey … Continue reading

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Unity3D and MDriven

Unity3D use Mono – and Mono builds do not really follow the usual .net versioning with 2.0,3.5 etc… There is a special .net Framework edition you must use. You get this by installing the Visual Studio 2015 Tools for Unity. … Continue reading

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