Licensing model MDriven Turnkey

This is the licensing model for MDriven Turnkey v1.  If you are interested in the complexity factor calculation we provide further details on request.


Let me see , can I use this

Yes I can

In production

Who is it for

Serious supporter
Software Architects
Business developers
Committed architects
Enterprise usage
Commercial online services





Complexity factor based

100$/month min.



What is included

Complexity factor max 2.0
Example: 50 Information classes, 50 ViewModels , 25 Users
Complexity factor max 2.12
Example: 50 Information classes, 50 ViewModels, 35 Users
Any complexity factor
Example: 50 Information classes, 50 ViewModels, 380 Users : 997$/month  or 2.63$ per user per month
  Borrow Azure slot 15 days, set up your own is recommended Azure slot included, set up your own is recommended Your own Azure or on-premise IIS
      Pledge of Service no matter what applies
      Optional multi slave servers
    Optional social login Optional social login
      Optional full information versioning
    Developer high attention Developer high attention
      Source code escrow
      Optional Source code access
      Optional OpenID – AzureAD
    Optional external SQLServer Optional external SQLServer
  Html5 client (AngularJS,MVC) Html5 client (AngularJS,MVC) Html5 client (AngularJS,MVC)
    WPF-client WPF-client
    Win10-client Win10-client
      Mobile Apps client (Xamarin)


Common for all three options are;

  • MDriven Designer
  • MDriven Server
  • MDriven Turnkey server
  • MDriven Turnkey Html5 client
  • UI-Overrides
  • User provided style sheets
  • Ownership and full access to database data
  • Server side execution
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