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MDriven Turnkey Architecture explained

This article was moved to MDriven Wiki – MDriven Turnkey Architecture explained Hans Karlsen actually tries to explain everything about turnkey architecture. Does he succeed? What is your main question after watching this?

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Turnkey with WPF–and Mahapp–and any third party xaml

This article was moved to MDriven Wiki – WPFMahappAndGantt Wow – things are moving along at record speed. Moving more and more of my development efforts into the model and handing over the “dirty work” to logic seems like a … Continue reading

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Licensing model MDriven Turnkey

This is the licensing model for MDriven Turnkey v1.  If you are interested in the complexity factor calculation we provide further details on request.        Let me see , can I use this Yes I can In production Who is … Continue reading

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MDriven Turnkey and OpenID Azure AD

MDriven Turnkey offers solutions for authentication of users. We do so by making it easy for you to provide the configuration needed to integrate with federated authentication like Google, Microsoft and Facebook. All these providers give the user an easy … Continue reading

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MDrivenServer with Windows authentication

This article was moved to MDriven Wiki – MDrivenServer with Windows authentication This article constitutes the documentation for configuring the MDrivenServer to use Windows authentication instead of password/username as with the default authentication. MDrivenServer is a web application that has … Continue reading

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