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Installing MDrivenServer on Windows 2012R2 with IIS 8

This article has been moved to the new Wiki site. Follow this link:

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How to use vCurrent and “self” correctly in viewmodels

A simple mistake can mess up your viewmodel rendering and make it slow and not what you expected. Let me explain! This is our example model, which lends itself to a simple master-detail view. The view we want is a … Continue reading

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UIOverride, ContentOverride–creating and injecting your own controls in MDriven Turnkey generated UI

If you are happy with most of the generated UI but you have a few requirements that needs custom code you could override the whole page – or as we will look at in this article – use a part … Continue reading

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Working with Turnkey–mixing in your own code

I wanted to automate the framework deploy to Turnkey-sites. I wanted to allow for the user to request a deploy and have that request trigger a build on the build machine. This is just my example use-case, but it is … Continue reading

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Turnkey Angular notes

This article has been moved and are maintained here:

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Snippets–the productivity booster

We did a new productivity boosting tool to the already very productivity friendly MDriven world. Snippets In the video I show how to create a re-usable pattern of a ViewModel with Actions. You can however use snippets to re-use parts … Continue reading

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