Why MDriven is different

Hopefully you have read the Part1 of the book on MDriven you find here: //www.capableobjects.com/products/mdriven-the-book/

In here I define the Gist of a system as the domain knowledge and rules that build up the system. I define the technology used to implement the system as the Modernity. And finally and define the visual and interaction design as the Fashion of the system.

Current development of software is almost always iterative. So new releases of the system will be seen over time. If I draw a picture of what happens it could look like this:


In this picture think of Red as Gist, Green as Modernity and Blue as Fashion. They are all received by the team – and they mix them up while producing the new release of the software – ending up with a mix of the three areas Gist,Modernity and Fashion – symbolized with gray.

The release the team is working on now is based on a previous release – so given 10 releases the gray stack of releases will be 10 blocks high.

In the book I argue the great risks of mixing three so different things together and since we know from history that at least the Modernity changes completely every third year or so anyone using this approach is only producing the next obsolete thing.

It is NOT EASY to extract the red from the gray.

My recommendation and what MDriven offers: DO NOT MIX.

If I draw the same picture of what MDriven does it will look like this:



The Gist is kept separate in a much more readable format than code. The Modernity is just the most modern implementation of handling the Gist. The Fashion you will not get from us – but we will enable you to use all the state-of-the-art tools on the market to have that to help to convey the Gist to your users.

I made a video of showing our Modernity-motor for Windows-WPF, Windows-Universal you can see that here: https://youtu.be/D_dmnc5suZs

Today we announce that the same Modernity-motor code used for Windows-Universal also supports the Xamarin code that makes it a breeze to get your c# code to run on IOS and Android:


Having this we target all technologies normally used to run software systems. But we expect that the Modernity will continue to evolve – it always has – so more to come. During the wait evolve your Gist and deploy with the Modernity of today. Trust that we will provide migration paths so that your Gist will work on the Modernity’s of the future. Look at our track record; Delphi,Windows Forms, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, WPF, AngularJS, Universal Windows, iOS and Android.

The future and your unique value is in your Gist and in your Fashion. If you have little interest in Modernity as such – rent it from us – be free. And remember – NEVER MIX THE THREE – they are different!

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