Setting up MDriven Turnkey

This article has been moved to Installing Turnkey as an Azure Webapp

It is no longer updated here.


All the components needed to run MDriven Turnkey is available from the download page.

You can run MDriven Turnkey on your own IIS or on your own Azure account.


1. Create your site “YourSite” as webapplication

2. Create another webapplication under “YourSite” called “__MDrivenServer” (double underscore) so that it ends up like this: “YourSite/__MDrivenServer”

3. In “YourSite/__MDrivenServer” you install the MDriven Server zip from the download page

4. In “YourSite” you install the MDriven Turnkey zip from the download page

That is all as far installation requirements – the rest is configuration


1. Make sure your MDrivenServer works

– that you have an account

– that it uses https

– that its internal model is evolved

– MDriven turnkey will use a user account named “a” so make sure that exists and that you remember its password

2. Set up the YourSite/App_Data/TurnkeySettings.xml by looking in the one already there called “TurnkeySettings – NotInEffect.xml”

3. You can now use your “a” account and pwd from MDrivenDesigner cloud dialog to upload a model to the MDrivenServer

– Troubleshoot; your MDriven Server needs evolve:  __MDrivenServer/admin/InfoAndErrors.aspx press “Evolve admin database”

4. After this you can run the prototyper against MDrivenServer


1. You need a ViewModel named Index and one named About, If you have those you should see them showing up as index page and as https://<yoursite>/MDriven/About

2. You may however want to override these with your own styled static pages. Create Index.cshtml and About.cshtml in <YourSite>\Views\EXT_OverridePages\ The file content can make use of the data in your ViewModels if needed – if so these pages are strictly MVC5 and not AngularJS

3. Other ViewModels you add will be defaulted to AngularJS. If you instead want MVC5 for a specific page you set a tagged value on the ViewModel : “MVC=True”


1. You can now run the ”YourApp” as AngularJS app

2. You can run the WPF-Fat-client against the “YourSite” url

3. You can now make model updates and evolve your system from MDrivenDesigner

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