All sites updated–New turnkey

We are churning along improving the MDriven Turnkey product.

We have changed a few things when it comes to actions in lists. Actions for lists now show in a modal popup since this works better on phones and has a better feel to it.


Sizes and responsiveness has gotten an overhaul making it better in every way.



The checkboxes for select is removed – multiselect is implemented with an optional tagged value on Nesting class (MultiSelect == true).


We have added Drag-Drop between lists – so implementing a DragDrop Action in the model Action dialog will actually work on your html5 browser.


AngularJS is updated to use the latest stable release.

The MDriven-Book-Project has switched delivery method from “waterfall” to “agile” – follow it here.

The book will soon reach the  Turnkey chapters.

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