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This article was moved to MDriven Wiki Installing MDriven Server on Windows

This is how you install MDrivenServer



Download the zip found here Downloads




Import the zip on your Web site. (if you do not have the “Import Application…” option,  you are missing “Web Deploy” or you need to repair “Web Deploy”)

Is this your first install of MDrivenServer? The just click thru – you do not have any database to protect…

Is this an update? Then you can click thru anyway since the install script has been constructed to take care of your data : App_Data\DatabaseCompact.sdf – this is SQLCe database .

The install requires: SQL Ce (SQL Compact 4.0), .net 4.5 (full)




Want to use ssl and https? Install certificate – when you use self signed certificates make sure you use https://YOURMACHINENAME… and not https://localhost…  The self signed certificate will only work with the computer name.

Do you get error  (405) Method Not Allowed. Chances are you are missing the WCF http activation option. Go to Add or remove programs, Turn windows features on or off, ASP.NET .net 4.5 – http activation


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