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When you license our tools and use them to produce your software you put a lot of trust in us. We want to thank you for this trust. But that is not enough. We want you to be able to know that you made the right choice when choosing us.

We can guarantee that we are good and not evil now – but no one knows what will happen in the future.

We are a small and independent software tool shop. Our tools are fabulous of that we are sure. But the question of future events always creep into decisions you make today. We want to remove future events hesitation from the equation.

This is why we want to make this pledge and we will do it openly and you can take this to the bank or your lawyer save it for a rainy day that hopefully never comes.

We pledge this – and this is for all our products – straight over the board – no exceptions

In the text below YOU are the User and WE-CapableObjects are the supplier.

GreenLevel: Normal operations – subscription/software assurance service– existing agreements cannot change fee with more than 6% per annum. If this is not fulfilled YellowLevel applies.

YellowLevel: FeeChangeProtection – existing agreement was valid but provider changed fee in a way that failed to honor GreenLevel. The cpu and manpower time  consumed from the provider is turned down to zero – in return the provider allows for complete access to needed software in compiled format along with instructions so that user can deliver normal operations under users own control. Agreement fee from GreenLevel still applies but it is capped to price at the time of YellowLevel entry. YellowLevel can be ongoing but YellowLevel does not require provider to provide new versions, bugfixes or improvements. If the software provided fails to work in a similar manner as it did when yellowLevel was entered due to changes in environment like upgrades of used components (os,db,azure) or other then RedLevel is entered. YellowLevel is most applicable to subscription services like Turnkey – but it is not limited to Turnkey.

RedLevel: OperationsProtection. Existing agreement was valid in YellowLevel or GreenLevel but service was degraded or stopped working due to environment factors that cannot be fixed by software upgrade. User gain access to snap-shot of all the source code needed from provider to build and execute the service. The source code is still under ownership of provider and cannot not be published or shared. User may however change the branch in anyway necessary to reach operation of service. Agreement fee from green level still applies but it is capped to price at the time of yellow level entry.

This pledge is in effect immediately and valid for all current agreements and all agreements entered from today 2015-10-7 and forward.

A signed by CEO scanned version of this text can be obtained from us.

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