MDriven Turnkey–this will just not stop coming

Backend development is that tedious plumbing that needs to be in place to have your spectacular UI actually work. If you some times get tired of plumbing – do not feel bad – embrace the feeling – it is the universe trying to tell you that there is another way.

You have the idea on how it should work – you have the ideas on how it should look. To bring it into life you will need a lot of manpower or MDriven Turnkey.

If you have not already take a look at the two latest videos on turnkey.

The first video explains how you set up your environment so that you have the front end development locally in Visual Studio and have the database and MDriven Server in the cloud.

You will find the MDriven Turnkey installation here

You will also find MDriven Server download – download this and you can install MDriven Turnkey on your own azure account or in your own IIS.


The second clip shows how to completely take control of your page design.

One important extension since last time is the <yourMDrivenSite>/MDriven/Development url – check this out to find a generated reference on how to bind angular to your ViewModel on a per ViewModel basis.



Does this describe you?

I want to create cool apps with a cool UI

I have super ideas and a great vision on how my things will work and look

Do you sympathize with this?

I wish I had a partner that focus on all the crap needed to serve data back and forth to my UI

I wish that partner would not give me shit every time I need to change my mind about things I said

I wish that partner was really fast

I wish my partner would handle the login and IT-security stuff with authentication and authorization

I wish I could get fast and correct answers on stuff we did last month from my partner

I wish my partner was like a Terminator of code – unstoppable – without ego – taking orders

I wish my partner would handle all the documentation

Then we want to tell you this:

Sounds like you may want to partner with MDriven Turnkey. MDriven sure does want to partner with you!

Check out the MDriven Turnkey videos here

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