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Getting started template for MDriven MVC

In order to get started with a MDriven MVC project clone this project at CodePlex: Go like this: 1. Make sure you have MDriven Framework installed in VisualStudio 2. Navigate to and download source – as a zip … Continue reading

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There are other ways to introduce business rules in the model than using state machines and guards. You can also use constraints. The model already has a lot of implicit constraints from the cardinalities of the association ends. Like if … Continue reading

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UML – State machines

If the classes of your model define the statics we are now left with dealing with the dynamics of the domain. With the dynamics I mean all the “state” and “rules” that any instance object defined by a class in … Continue reading

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Short introduction to UML– class diagram

UML class diagram is the preferred way to describe information. A UML class diagram shows classes and their relations. A Class differs from an Object. The Object is of a Class. The Class may have many instance objects each being … Continue reading

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MySQL–notes to support the use of MySQL with MDriven

Hand on heart – I use SQLServer most of the time. So when I am asked questions about MySQL I always need to go out of my comfort zone. This article can hopefully help me in my efforts with this … Continue reading

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More videos on MDriven MVC

In this video we deploy the actual application to Azure and make sure that we can use it on the phone and such In this video we find some limitations on the deployed application and fix them. We add … Continue reading

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New video on MDrivenServer

In this video we show how to get your own Cloud based model driven beach head up and running in less than 10 minutes. Once you have it it is much easier for you to make different types of applications … Continue reading

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Custom OR Mapping

We had this issue from Rich W in the forum  – he tried to do a custom OR mapping. He wanted to pick a modeled attribute to be the primary key in the database. This is how to accomplish this: … Continue reading

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