MVC White paper in 4 parts

This article was moved to MDriven Wiki MVC White paper in 4 parts

Use CapableObjects with MVC – this is how //

The document handles new model driven controllers for MVC and Wecpof for MVC and a few things in between.

Please give me feedback on content. Please try the things in the document. A new sample that I used is added.

Further reading: //



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9 Responses to MVC White paper in 4 parts

  1. Pena says:

    A Very Big Thank You !!!

    Rosor för dig!

  2. guest00 says:

    Just came to the site to reread the MVC articles and found your pdf.

    Love this:

    “…Once I have wecpof set up this way I do not need to write more mundane code – I can define actions
    and viewmodels in the model and the MVC app will follow…”


  3. guest00 says:

    Hi CO!

    Found one problem in the document – MDriven Framework for visualstudio 2012 PRODUCTION – EcoSetup_7.0.0.7218_Nightly_vs2012.exe.

    Public static class EcoExtensions is missing in the EcoProject1EcoSpace when user follows the steps i the document. So item.ExternalId() doesn’t work in the Index view.

    Solution – to add this class manually.

  4. wangwei.njcn says:

    how to set the auto create field ExternalId of class1 with the result of query ?
    thank you!

  5. SteveA says:

    I’m new to MVC
    I find that @Html.ActionLink(“Edit”, “Edit”, new { id=item.ExternalId() })
    is not good if your class has an attribute called “id”

    I have id:int and (ModelState.IsValid) is false because id=”6!2323″
    instead I have to use
    @Html.ActionLink(“Edit”, “Edit”, new { idForEdit=item.ExternalId() }) |
    and now it works.

    I have the impression I am using an undeclared variable “idForEdit” in Index.cshtml
    which has to match “public ActionResult Edit(string idForEdit)” in the Controller.cs
    – this seems so primitive – have I missed something ?

  6. Admin says:

    Yes you are correct – MVC uses a lot of “this name is used here – so look for that name there”.

    The MVC framework use reflection – and location and naming to match views with controllers and attributes with action arguments.

    It takes some getting used to 😉

  7. guest00 says:


    I’m trying to rerun examples and I found that htmlhelper DisplayWecpofUI() is missing in Eco.MVC
    Question – what do I need to use to complete exercises from Part3 and Part4?

    Thank you,

  8. guest00 says:

    Found DisplayWecpofUIBootstrap3() and it works,
    CO – same question might be asked by newbies in MDriven during the ASP.MVC white papers exercises. Time to change pdf?

    Thank you!

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