Eco 7 assemblies will use nuget packages as a delivery mechanism of current versions. Since nuget packages keep track on why you added a certain assembly reference (dependencies) , and makes updating to the latest version easy, eco assemblies will now be explicitly marked with their build number. Earlier they have had the product versions as assembly version (i.e and thus the strong name was the same for all 6.0.0.x versions.

The ambition is to make the ECO installation package more light-weight by removing help files installation – almost no one use local help anyway, and source code – reflection tools does this better.

A new variant of Eco is available for Portable Class Library; primarily for use with  Windows Phone 8 , Windows Store Apps (WinRT). This is in the NuGet package name EcoCore. EcoCore has assemblies for .net4, Silverlight5,PortableClassLibrary PCL, so getting EcoCore from nuget installs correct Eco assemblies depending on target project.

ECO 7 has a lot of accumulated updates since we released ECO 6 some 2 years ago. The thing that stick out the most is maybe the Async ability – so that your users can experience the happiness of an application that manages all load and save operations in the background – even lazy loads.

ECO 7 – along with WECPOF and BoringPredictable, enables you to reach prototyping and production success with nothing but model – if you want to. And if you have tried it you will want to continue.

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