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Change notes up to 19 july 2013

MODLR & WECPOF MODLR & WECPOF MODLR & WECPOF   Revision: 6580Author: hkarlsenDate: den 15 juli 2013 12:17:34Message:ActionCrossRefException guard—-Modified : /trunk/source/Modlr/Eco.Modlr.ModelEditor/Diagrams/ViewModelActionCrossRef.xaml.cs Revision: 6572Author: hkarlsenDate: den 7 juli 2013 19:30:21Message:Misspelled opt in action—-Modified : /trunk/source/Modlr/Eco.Modlr.ModelEditor/Diagrams/Spans.xaml.cs Revision: 6566Author: hkarlsenDate: den 4 juli … Continue reading

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Change notes up to July 19:th 2013

ECO ECO ECO   Revision: 6586Author: hkarlsenDate: den 19 juli 2013 15:48:27Message:Problem in NETFX_CORE WMClass multi links – if load occurred during making current – result list could be wrong. Fixed—-Modified : /trunk/source/Eco/Eco.Linq/ViewModelCodeGen.cs Revision: 6585Author: hkarlsenDate: den 18 juli 2013 … Continue reading

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Producing export files with MDrivenServer

ServerSide Viewmodels are defined and executed periodically as described in this earlier article // In the last section of that article I mention the ability to send emails by naming an action column to “email”. Now you can also write … Continue reading

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Following up the post on Custom controls in ViewModel aided views

The first article is found here and in the last section I said I would create a CustomControl that show data in a gantt chart; here it comes. A very naïve model to hold the data. Then a ViewModel that … Continue reading

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