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Business Delete Rules

When you create a model – deletion of objects is seldom on top of your mind. But sooner or later users are going to want to remove objects from the system executing your model. The main problem with deletion is … Continue reading

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Getting taggedvalues in runtime without code

When you use WECPOF you can create a whole system with use of the Model alone. As you do you might want to pick up information stored in the TaggedValues of the model. You can do that like this: G.allinstances->first.oclType.TaggedValue(‘Eco.PresentationUnit’) … Continue reading

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The IAsyncSupportService is the service that coordinates two threads for one ecospace. The desired effect is to get loading, saving and any other potentially time consuming logic to run in the non-UI-thread, also called the AsyncThread, and to keep the … Continue reading

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