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When doing search UI’s with multiple search expressions like this:


The used search expression is deduced from the rules explained here: //www.capableobjects.com/2011/02/27/the-multi-variable-seeker/

But having that is all fine – we need a way to tell the user what to expect from the search – ie it is often so that one search expression is associated with a specific column in search result and users have indicated that it is important to understand what the search logic has done.

So we added a tagged value on the SearchExpressions:  Eco.HiliteGridColumn , and you are supposed to set this to the value NameOfViewModelClassThatIsTheSearchResult.NameOfTheColumnToHiliteWhenThisParticularSearchExpressionIsInEffect.

If you do it may look like this:

SearchExpression TaggedValue Eco.HiliteGridColumn=SearchResultGrid.Efternamn

SearchExpression2 TaggedValue Eco.HiliteGridColumn=SearchResultGrid.Förnamn

And when you search in WECPOF:


And another click (that moves the search to the other expression):


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