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  1. guest00 says:

    Hi Hans!

    Could you please advise where I can find/activate periodic actions on the ModelVersionAdministration page of the local MDriven Server?

    Rephrasing my question – how to setup action as serverside action?

    Thank you!

  2. guest00 says:

    Solved via workaround property “EditCriteriasForServerSideExecute”.
    Is there any correct way to do it via MDriven Designer or MDriven Server (local)?

    Thank you

  3. Admin says:

    Since the article was written Modlr has a right click menu on the ViewModel – “Edit Criterias for serverside execute…”
    This shows a dialog where you can set the PS expression etc.
    These values are uploaded to MDriven Server when you push “Update ServerSide Jobs” in the cloud dialog. This way you do not need to mess around in the web UI so much – and you have all your expressions in the model where they belong…

  4. guest00 says:

    right click on ViewModel name in the ViewModel editor.
    I’ve found it!

    Thank you!

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